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Because it’s 2015

Because it’s 2015. Three simple words. The shrugged shoulders. The strong implication that it’s ridiculous to ask why gender balance is so important. Well played, Canada, well played. Other #BecauseIts2015 moments that have us cheering are below and we would love … Continue reading

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#WiA Profiles: Sally McKay

This blog post for the #WiAProfiles is an interview by Lisa B Greenquist, who spoke with Sally McKay, a professional with many years of experience in both national and international disasters.  Women in Aid is grateful to Sally for sharing … Continue reading

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Enthusiastic, disenchanted or rational: What kind of woman aid worker are you?

“I expected a challenging experience, both from a human and a professional point of view, and to get in touch with different cultures. I found that my job is never the same, it is very dynamic and exciting; a complex … Continue reading

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#WiA Profiles: Public Health Professional

This blog post for the #WiAProfiles is an interview by Brittany Carlson, who spoke with a public health professional working in development who prefers to remain anonymous but graciously shared her time and experiences for the WiA Blog. Brittany is … Continue reading

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When Malaria Happened. My Story

Women in Aid is pleased to publish this first hand account of Mandy George (@mandygeorge) and her harrowing encounter with malaria whilst working in Haiti.  We wanted to publish this story in order for all aid workers (not just women!) … Continue reading

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Are you Wo(man) enough?

I’m blogging on and co managing the Women in Aid site with co founder Fi Davidson, trying to blog on my own nutrition website, facebooking, aidsourcing, tweeting, trying to keep up with LinkedIn discussions, trying to get my health coaching … Continue reading

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Baby of mine

The below post has been written by Paula Gil Baizan. Paula is a relatively new mum (7 month child) and an experienced manager within the emergency aid sector. She is guest blogging for us on her honest reflections on being pregnant and … Continue reading

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Work life balance: How we can put “work” and “life” on equal levels

We are VERY excited to have our first post guest post below by Claire Grauer who is a social anthropologist, consultant and blogger working with and interested in NGOs and organizational development, child rights, participatory approaches and Social Media. She … Continue reading

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Is there life after work?

We just published a piece where Fi looked at the discussions around ‘having it all’ and if this is possible and what the dynamics are around this and two days  ago, the NYTimes published yet another piece on Is There … Continue reading

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Can women establish a healthy work/ life balance in the aid industry?

There have been a number of articles published lately focused on whether women can or cannot “have it all” by balancing high level jobs with a family life. These are written about the corporate and public sectors in America. It would be … Continue reading

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