About this blog

Women in Aid was formed out of a series of conversations between the two founders as well as many other conversations with women working in the sector. It seemed like many women would really appreciate a forum that they could go to to discuss their experiences in the sector and to learn from each other.

Women in Aid will develop through an iterative process of trial and error and ultimately seeing what women appreciate finding here. Articles and things of interest will be posted on an ad-hoc basis. We want as many women as possible to contribute to the blog.

A LinkedIn group has also been set up and is a “closed” group which means only other members can see the posts.

All feedback, creative ideas for the development of this as a resource and contributions are welcomed with open arms.

All views expressed on this site are either our personal views, the personal views of the contributors or those commenting. None of the views expressed have been endorsed by our employers directly or by any agencies named or otherwise.


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