The debate IS growing

When we thought about starting this blog, it was inspired by the BIG discussions happening around women, careers and leadership that have been happening around Silicon Valley during the last few years.

Many of the debates and issues are similar, but women (and men) working in the charity sector and in the international charity sector face additional difficulties and challenges too. We thought it was worth giving space and time to name some of these challenges. Now, more and more resources and locations for these discussions are being established (and perhaps I am just noticing them more too).

Below is an overview of some recent resources and articles I have found particularly useful.

Kate Warren, Director, Global Recruitment and Careers Services at Devex, has been contributing some great articles to the discussion: “Challenges affecting women’s advancement in global development” provides a great overview of some of the key issues that keep many of the most senior jobs in international development staffed by white men. “When you don’t want to trade your career for a wedding ring” is written for people who are following spouses working in the international aid sector and as such are looking to re-focus their own careers (which may have been in anything on the sector). Some great tips for all wanting to find career success in any sector actually.

The guardian has launched the Global Development Professionals Network. This aims to promote debate and networking among professionals working in international aid or global development.

They also just hosted a panel discussion which has been summarised by Content Coordinator, Holly Young in the article “Women in development: 18 top tips for career success”.

Perhaps you have other links to resources on the topic. It’s great to see the momentum building.

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