Women Working in Aid and Development is Online!

This is such an exciting moment.

Women Working in Aid and Development was formed out of a series of conversations between the two founders as well as many other conversations with women working in the sector. It seemed like many women would really appreciate a forum that they could go to to discuss their experiences in the sector.

Women Working in Aid and Development will develop through an iterative process of trial and error and ultimately seeing what women appreciate finding here. Articles and things of interest will be posted on an ad-hoc, when the passion strikes, basis.

All feedback, creative ideas for the development of this as a resource and contributions are welcomed with open arms.


About Zehra

Zehra is a livelihoods and cash transfer specialist working in humanitarian contexts. She has also been a health and lifestyle coach for humanitarian aid workers. Loves food, bollywood and tweeting (@zehrarizvi).
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2 Responses to Women Working in Aid and Development is Online!

  1. Mia Ali says:

    I’ve just found this blog via a Facebook share by a mutual friend, and I was delighted to see Zehra – whom I met briefly, many years ago, between overseas assignments (it’s a small old world, this aid sector!) – what a great idea and congratulations on starting it. I thought you and your readers might be interested in Chasing Misery – http://www.chasingmisery.blogspot.com – an upcoming anthology of essays and photos from women working in humanitarian responses. The founder of the project is raising funds for the publication via Kickstarter – it would be great if you could send it round your networks 🙂 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1526546593/chasing-misery

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